Here your find relevant litterature from the researchers in the project.

Mikael Malmaeus - Econmic Values and Resource Use (2016)

Mikael Malmaeus - Ekonomi utan tillväxt

Mikael Malmaeus - Tillväxt till varje pris (Notis förlag, 2013)

Karin Bradley and Johan Hedrén (red.) - Green Utopanism - Perspectives, politics and micro-practices

Eva Alfredsson and Anders Wijkman - The Inclusive Green Economy: Shaping society to serve sustainability — minor adjustments or a paradigm shift? (Prestudy)

Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling and Åsa Svenfelt - Sustainability discourses and justice: Towards social-ecological justice in Holifield, R. B. and Walker, G. (eds) Routledge Handbook of Environmental Justice. Routledge

Alf Hornborg - Global Magic - Technologies of Appropriation from Ancient Rome to Wall Street

Ingemar Gustafsson - Bortom tillväxtens dilemman: Den motståndskraftiga och resurseffektiva ekonomi

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