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Transitions on the home front: A story of sustainable living beyond eco-efficiencyPernilla Hagbert
Energy Research & Social Science, May 2017

Prospects for economic growth in the 21st century: A survey covering mainstream, heterodox and scientifically oriented perspectives
Eva C Alfredsson och J Mikael Malmaeus
Economic Issues, Vol. 22, Part 1, March 2017

Potential Consequences on the Economy of Low or No Growth - Short and Long Term Perspectives - Mikael Malmaeus och Eva Alfredsson
Ecologial economics, volume 134:

Four Sustainability Goals in a Swedish Low-Growth/Degrowth Context - Eléonore Fauré, Åsa Svenfelt, Göran Finnveden, Alf Hornborg

It’s Just a Matter of Adjustment: Residents’ Perceptions and the Potential for Low-Impact Home Practices - Pernilla Hagbert
Housing, Theory and Society (2016).. doi: 10.1080/14036096.2016.1141797

Transitions on the home front: another narrative of sustainable living - Pernilla Hagbert, Karin Bradley
Manuscript submitted to Energy Research and Social Science

Bike Kitchens – Spaces for convivial tools - Karin Bradley
Journal of cleaner production (2016)

Econmic Values and Resource Use - Mikael Malmaeus
Sustainability, Volume 8:

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