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Underwater noise

Underwater noise from ships, boats, and construction work in the sea disrupts and damages marine life. IVL can offer measurement, analysis, environmental impact assessment and support in the development of measures and instruments.

Our broad research in underwater noise means that we can use modern measurement and analysis methods and assess the environmental impact in a cost-effective way based on an interdisciplinary knowledge base.

Signature measurements and long-term measurements with analysis

IVL's senior researchers have worked with sound in the sea for 20 years and participated in the development of international standards to measure how much noise a ship emits into the sea. We measure underwater noise from both larger vessels and recreational boats, so-called signature measurement, and have well-proven procedures and analysis methods that follow these standards. We also make long-term measurements in different environments, where we then analyze levels and spread and identify sources. Our self-developed measuring equipment makes it possible to connect underwater noise to airborne noise, traffic patterns and air pollution.

Environmental impact assessment of underwater noise

At the marine research station Kristineberg Center, senior IVL researchers are conducting experiments to determine how marine life is affected by noise and other disturbances. We follow the latest findings and produce environmental impact assessments for activities that create underwater noise in collaboration with our experts in measurement and analysis.

We help you with:

  • Measurement of noise from point sources, such as ships or leisure boats, as well as recommendation for measures to reduce noise.
  • Long-term measurements of underwater noise in lakes, watercourses and coastal areas and analysis of levels, distribution and sources
  • Environmental impact assessments of underwater noise from, for example, blasting and construction work.

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