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  2. Challenges to be addressed
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Questions we would like to answer during the project

  • Do we have a common conceptual overview and understanding of the words and terms that the project encompasses? (open data, shared design, innovation ecosystems, digital twin, digitization etc.)
  • How do we develop and sustain a common understanding among the different stakeholders?
  • How do we tackle the relatively high complexity – in regards of conceptual, operational as well as technical dimensions – that the project addresses?
  • How can we define our focus and set limitations, as the technological developments in this area are rapid and continuously opens up for new opportunities.
  • How do we tackle the fact that there are different driving forces, levels of commitment and resources among the different project partners?
  • How do we tackle the fact that this is an innovation project with a great deal of uncertainty in regards of the final results?
  • How can we find a clear “what’s in it for me” for each and every one of the partners involved?