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Expected results and deliverables

  • A description of opportunities, limitations and challenges for those who want to use digitization, open data and shared design to develop critical infrastructure.
  • Increased knowledge of how the public sector can work with requirements in procurement, to begin the transition towards open data and shared design in digital twins for critical infrastructure (wastewater treatment plants and drinking water production plants).
  • Increased knowledge of digital twins' reliability, traceability, robustness and resilience in real time and over time (in wastewater treatment and drinking water production plants).
  • A proposal for a conceptual model, based on modular thinking, that will give different stakeholders the ability to receive customized decision support on, for example, design of facilities, operational optimization or safety analysis.
  • Review of how machine learning and AI can support e.g. data analysis, design proposals and decision support through access to big data, open data and shared design.
  • Identification of legal aspects and security risks arising from open data and shared design.
  • A general description of how the interaction and exchange of information between different stakeholders can contribute to the development of innovation capacity and the emergence of new innovative products and services.