The programme was a jointly funded programme with researchers from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, VTI Lund University, Uppsala University and Tillväxtanalys.

The group consisted of researchers in various fields such as environmental strategic analyses, sociology, urban studies, political science, social anthropology, economics, and human ecology.

KTH coordinated the programme.

A reference group consisting of societal partners from various public agencies, municipalities and organizations was also affiliated with the research program. The following participants were included in the reference group during all or part of the program period: Botkyrka Municipality, Kalmar Municipality, Norrköping Municipality, Sollentuna Municipality, Tanum Municipality, Region Västra Götaland, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, JAK Members Bank, Transition Network Sweden, ClubofRome, FOI, MSB, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Valuable feedback on a draft of this report was provided by several members of the reference group. An advisory group of international researchers consisting of Ivana Milojević, Kate Raworth and Peter Victor has also been of great importance to the project.

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