Master’s theses

Beyond GDP Growth: Scenarios for the Swedish energy demand and electricty supply system - Torres G. (2018)

A Fair Distribution of Global Biocapacity - The Potential in Swedish Environmental Policy - Vishal Parekh (2017)

Feminist Futures: Futures studies through the lens of feminist epistemologies - Jihyun An (2017)

Södertälje, a gateway to degrowth: A prospective design scenario to visualise the transition - Prats, V. (2017)

Sustainability Assessment of Scenarios: Beyond GDP growth - Ruiz-Alejos, C. (2017)

Searching för living place - Socio-spatial explorations for sustainability through collaborative residing - Jonathan Granberg och Hamlet Mirjamsdotter, Chalmers (2016)

Climate Implications of a Collaborative Economy Scenario for Transportation and the Built Environment - Nicolas Francart, KTH (2016)

Kan ekologisk och ekonomisk hållbarhet kombineras? - David Pettersson, Linköpings universitet (2015)

Energy and climatescenarios within the doughnut?: Treatment of planetary boundaries, social foundations for human prosperity and economic growth in energy and climate scenarios - Adi Musabasics, KTH (2015)

The foundation upon which society is built? Socio-economic sustainability regarding jobs and income in municipal planning, now and beyond economic growth - Katarina Ringenson, KTH (2014)

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