IVL in China

IVL's offices in Beijing and Wuhan focus on environmental science, sustainable development and research carried out together with institutes and authorities.

Coordination for a sustainable transition in China

IVL's first projects in China were on wastewater, lakes and air in 1986. Today, research in sustainable development is carried out together with research institutes and organizations, while consulting projects in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), EPD reports, low-carbon development planning and carbon neutral strategies.

Expert areas

Climate, Life Cycle Assessment and EPDs

  • Third party validiations of EPDs
  • Development of LCA-related standards
  • Services on carbon peak and carbon neutral
  • EPD Tool development
  • Supply chain management

Tech and platform

  • Market research and market development strategy
  • Services on technology transfer
  • Project implementation and management assistance
  • Customized international forums, exhibitions, technology exchange
    and other activities


  • International training on environmental technology, sustainability, climate change
  • Online training on environmental technology, sustainability, climate change

Sustainable research and development

  • Sustainable research and innovation in different areas
  • Co-financed research, grant-funded research and EU/internationally funded research
  • Research stations, test beds and pilot facilities

News from IVL in China

Food chains

Farmers with a white tunnel behind them and mountains

Sustainable agriculture through education

Due to ineffecient and unregulated cultivation and distribution systems, agriculture in China is not very well organized. This leads to increased waste, food safety risks and increased use of pesticides and fertilizers. The SAFE project will use experiences from Europe to develop a training system for retailers and farmers.


A white container with logotypes

From waste to biogas in Rugao

Together with Scania. Rugao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Rugao Municipal Water Group, IVL is leading a project to convert organic waste into biogas in Rugao city. Automated equipment has been installed in the waste treatment plant to test different waste resources and optimize biogas production using Swedish technology. If the pilot is successful, the plan is to scale up the project to the Scania factory.



Carbon neutrality in bearings

In a strategic partnership, SKF China and IVL are working together on low-carbon environmental initiatives and innovative practices in the bearings industry. The focus of the project is on sustainable practices in SKF China's value chain, where IVL conducts life cycle assessments establishes standards for environmental certfication. For example, in the production of bearings and energy use.

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Gao Si

Si Gao

Chief Representative

Porträtt Juanjuan Yao

Juanjuan Yao

Director of Business Development
and Air, LCA Expert

Porträtt Rui Wang

Rui Wang

Director Solid Waste department, Carbon Management/LCA expert

Porträtt Zhu Yanjing

Yanjing Zhu

Director of Water Resources,
LCA expert