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What does air and chemical pollution cost us?

Air pollution costs society billions, and emissions of chemicals that negatively affect our health place a burden on society and healthcare. The EU project Valesor (Valuation of Environmental Stressors) will develop a tool for evaluating these pollutants.

Valesor focuses on the economic value of air pollution and chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment, i.e. environmental stressors. With better knowledge of this, political decisions about actions can be based on solid foundations.

The stressors that Valesor studies are chemicals and air pollutants that are transmitted by air, water and soil, including particles, nitrogen oxides, heavy metals and PFASs. The project will develop a website tool for evaluating the health and economic consequences of different political actions aimed at better air quality.

The consortium consists of researchers and experts from four EU countries (France, Sweden, Spain and Italy), and Norway, Serbia and the UK. The project is managed by the Université d'Angers in France.

EU flagga med texten Funded by the EU

Funded by the European Union This project has received funding from the European health and digital executive agency (HADEA) under grant agreement No. 101095611


Project facts

  • VALESOR Valuation of Environmental Stressors, projekt-ID: 101095611
  • Budget: 2 913 886,26€.
  • Partners: Université d'Angers, Nantes University, INERIS, Université Paris Dauphine, Menon Economics, Umeå University, Anthesis, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, Joseph Spadaro, SERC Forastiere Francesco, University of Novi Sad, Michael Holland EMRC
  • Funding body: European health and digital executive agency
  • Period: 2023 - 2026


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